How to buy online with coupon codes

How to buy online with coupon codes: “Use this code and get an extra 25% discount.” Who does not like to take advantage of a discount to save money? These types of promotional actions influence the purchasing decisions of many consumers. Therefore, brands and companies have seen in the coupons or discount codes a perfect marketing tool with which to reach their target audience, encourage purchase, and build loyalty.

Types of online campaigns with coupons or discount codes

Although traditional paper coupons remain the preferred option of most buyers, digital discount codes begin to gain weight. This trend is reinforced thanks to the contests or digital promotions launched by the brands. Within online marketing campaigns with codes, you can raise two types of mechanics: coupon distribution and discount codes or code validation. In addition, it is possible to combine these campaigns with other mechanics such as registration forms, quizzes, surveys, award roulette …

Delivery of discount codes: How to buy online with coupon codes

The delivery of a promotional coupon has as main objective to encourage the purchase through a discount or for the user to receive a free sample. In coupon distribution campaigns, the brand gives users who access the landing of the action, a coupon or code. So they can enjoy a discount on their next purchase. This mechanic is also usually used as a reward or consolation prize for users participating in a survey or quiz. Whose main objective is data collection? The possibility of obtaining this discount is a sufficiently attractive reason for your followers to decide to participate. It is a win-win, an action where everyone wins. Some of the dynamics in which you can distribute discount codes are:

Personality quizzes or success

In exchange for completing a simple and fun quiz, users will receive a discount to use in your store. Depending on the score or the result they get, they will receive one code or another. which they can then use as a discount in online or physical purchase. For example, a travel agency can do a quiz for users to discover their ideal holiday destination. To encourage the reservation of trips to those destinations in the promotion. You can offer different percentages of discount, depending on the destination obtained. In addition to including the discount as a downloadable file on the final page of your quiz. We recommend sending an email to all participants with their discount.

Registration Forms

The simplest campaign option is to create a simple data form. Which the user must complete in order to download his coupon. This type of campaign is a success to encourage the purchase of new products. Which is to give out to stock and in periods where it is interesting to give a boost to sales. Such as, for example, before the Christmas campaign or on the January slope. You can also opt for this mechanic in periods of sales or promotions, as a hook, to offer a small extra discount.